Betty amp; Co Striped Shift Dress Blue White xjeH3vfK

Betty & Co. Striped Shift Dress Blue White xjeH3vfK
Opt for a bold look with this Betty & Co. Dress. Designed in a sleek shift silhouette, this dress skims the figure for the most flattering shape. It has a notched round neckline as well as a stretch-cotton construction that clings to all of the right places. The eye-catching stripe print would look great teamed with block-colour heels and a clutch bag.

Criminal Justice Reform . We want to support efforts to safely reduce the number of people imprisoned in the US and develop better approaches to keep our communities safe. We support policy reform efforts led by partners like Rosso35 Short Dresses Beige 8VleIDa
who advocates for bi-partisan safety solutions. We are also supporting organizations that train and support people closest to the problem, from JustLeadershipUSA , who work with individuals who have been incarcerated, to Burton Snowboards Rampant Board Boots Tropical Trip Print In Blue Tropical Print zB4iG7b
, who are building a national network of prosecutors. We are also supporting tools like the Measures for Justice data portal that help us better understand the criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice Reform

Economic Opportunity . We want to help more families get ahead and stay ahead. Over the years, technology and a more connected world have lifted a lot of people up, but it’s also left a lot of people behind. As a new organization just beginning work on issues that have persisted for decades, we are focused on supporting and learning from partners doing impactful work alongside the communities they serve. Some of our partner organizations are making use of technology to connect people to the work, training, financial resources, and services they need to succeed: Partners like Alice Olivia Annabeth Off Shoulder Hearts Burnout Velvet Dress Black Red WMHTq
, who have built an online support network and community for low-income families while providing access to capital to invest in their health, education, and professional growth; Code for America , who are piloting ways to remove barriers and help people access government social safety net services more quickly to help them weather unexpected setbacks; and Opportunity@Work , who are working to shift hiring practices to help more people with skills and potential access opportunities to gain the jobs and training the need to succeed in today’s workplace.

Economic Opportunity

Housing Affordability . Research shows us what we already know intuitively: that access to a safe, stable, affordable place to live is crucial to family success. However, broken housing markets and antiquated policies keep too many Americans from this critical need, especially in the Bay Area. We’re focused on supporting local partners who are developing and leading innovative approaches to addressing these challenges that we hope can be scaled to other communities across the US: Partners like See by Chloe Embroidered Cotton Dress White D3lVq3uA4
, who help local educators stay and afford homes in the communities where they teach; Forte Forte V Neck Slip Dress Black YJi4XRc0o
, who are coming together with their diverse constituencies to develop a regional solutions plan to address shared challenges; and the Terner Center at UC Berkeley , whose innovative research aims to shape policy and private sector solutions to housing issues nationally.

ψ ( r ) = max [ 0 , min [ 1 , 2 r ] , min [ 2 , r ] ]


F x : ( argument )
U : uTrans ( argument )
τ : Adrianna Papell Metallic Jacquard High Low Gown Cream Peach EFesn
( argument )


F y : ( argument )
V : vTrans ( argument )
τ : Aldo Gweria Ankle Boots Bone faUh8Mlwe
( argument )


F r : ( argument )
W : Asos Design Petite Casual Mini Dress In Grid Texture Green f4R5v
( argument )
τ : Ruco Line Sneakers Light Grey 0ZkWFeKR45
( argument )

The direct-space-time method deals with space and time discretization together (other methods that treat space and time separately are known collectively as the “Method of Lines”). The Lax-Wendroff scheme falls into this category; it adds sufficient diffusion to a second order flux that the forward-in-time method is stable. The upwind biased third order DST scheme is:

(2.149) ANYA MAJ Aika Dress Od1JCVTlaR
F = u ( τ i 1 + d 0 ( τ i τ i 1 ) + d 1 ( τ i 1 τ i 2 ) ) W u > 0 F = u ( τ i d 0 ( τ i τ i 1 ) d 1 ( τ i + 1 τ i ) ) W u < 0
d 0 = 1 6 ( 2 | c | ) ( 1 | c | ) d 1 = 1 6 ( 1 | c | ) ( 1 + | c | )

The coefficients d 0 and d 1 approach 1 / 3 and 1 / 6 respectively as the Courant number, c , vanishes. In this limit, the conventional third order upwind method is recovered. For finite Courant number, the deviations from the linear method are analogous to the diffusion added to centered second order advection in the Lax-Wendroff scheme.

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/ Exhibition Reviews / Fassbinder Frankfurt

The exhibition Fassbinder– NOW: Film and Video Art was installed at the Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt from 30 October 2013 to 1 June 2014. It juxtaposed excerpts from films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945-1982) with works of contemporary film and video art by Tom Geens, Runa Islam, Maryam Jafri, Jesper Just, Jeroen de Rijke Willem de Rooij, and Ming Wong, all of which connect to Fassbinder’s work either topically or aesthetically. Fassbinder’s films offer a social critique and are concerned with failed relationships, emotional exploitation, discrimination against minorities, and the burden of the past. My focus here is on the aspects of his critique, alienation, cultural identity, and sexual identity which are re-articulated in the works of these contemporary artists.

A key to this exhibition is the theme of commemoration, cultural memory, and re-enactment. Even though cinema as popular memory is less pronounced here than in Douglas Gordon’s and others’ re-appropriation of popular Hitchcock films in the late 1990s, the signature of Fassbinder still serves as the cultural heritage of these artists who explore this reference conceptually while ascribing new meanings to it. It is the institutional and pedagogical ambition of this exhibition to reassess Fassbinder ‘the auteur’ and Fassbinder’s archive from the point of view of contemporary art. For Claudia Dillman (director of the museum) and Anna Fricke (curator of the exhibition), their main motivation for the show was to raise the question of how film history can be made accessible. Moreover, I think the exhibition shows the influence films by Fassbinder have on visual strategies explored by contemporary artists who use the techniques of remake, mash-up, pastiche, and citation.

Fig. 1: Rainer Werner Fassbinder in 1970. Quelle: DIF © Peter Gauhe.

When visiting the exhibition I was interested in the influence on their aesthetics, especially when thinking of Fassbinder’s (Douglas Sirk-inspired) mise-en-scène, where the colour and framing of the film, the mirrors, the decors, and costumes tell the story. Often walls occupy about two-thirds of the screen, leaving only small rectangular frames inside which the characters have to find space to move. Door frames become picture frames for the protagonists. The artificial character of such images, a key criterion in his style, is enhanced by a distanced camera. Another component typical of Fassbinder’s style is the mixture of pop and rock music with classical music.

During the exhibition, in the same building, a retrospective of Fassbinder’s films was shown in the cinema as well as a programme of contemporary filmmakers such as Pedro Almodóvar, Martin Scorsese, and François Ozon, who claim to have been influenced by him. Therefore the film museum became a house of Fassbinder: in the basement is the cinema, in the corridor one can find documents, and in the exhibition hall different installations are on display. In front of the entrance of the exhibition screenplays and production stills from the archive of the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation (RWFF) are displayed close to an installation of video screens showing Fassbinder in television interviews.

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