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Vince Camuto Asymmetrical Ruffle Column Gown Fuchsia tdFep1G
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Schröder Points Database / Darij Grinberg

This page contains some results and questions about the Schröder points of a triangle and configuration related to these. The dates are the dates of last changes.

The idea of this page was to collect all known results about the Schröder points of a triangle from different sources (Hyacinthos messages, MathLinks discussions). Feel free to mail me (see Dune Amelia Patent Courts Navy Patent UBfj7FSez
for address) if you have something to add.

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The Schröder points, Darij Grinberg, 4 Jul 2004 Janet amp; Janet Booties Brown 3YiULbSwzX
Incentral Triangle Question, Darij Grinberg, 27 Feb 2004 [Schroeder4] Re: Incentral Triangle Question, Eric Danneels, 3 May 2003 adidas Originals I 5923 Runner Trainers In Grey And Blue Xh3u2dv5
Poristically fixed points, Darij Grinberg, 25 Mar 2004 Maison Martin Margiela Mm6 3 4 Length Dresses Black dvtSVfG
Re: Incentral Triangle Question, Darij Grinberg, 27 Feb 2004 GIORGIO ALTAMODA Pumps Dark Brown FLEgU4TmPU
Some newer results from MathLinks, Darij Grinberg, 4 Jul 2004

[Schroeder2] [Schroeder3] [Schroeder4] [Schroeder5] [Schroeder6] [Schroeder7]
[Schroeder2] The Schröder points 1. The Schröder point by inversion Schröder point 2. Trilinears of the Schröder point Gergonne-Schröder point X(1155) = SCHRÖDER POINT 3. Jean-Pierre Ehrmann's approach 4. The Schröder point as inversive image of X(55) Weill point 5. The Nagel-Schröder point Nagel-Schröder point 6. The Stutensee point Stutensee point 7. The Mitten-Schröder points Mitten-Schröder points 8. The Bevan-Schröder point Bevan point Bevan-Schröder point 9. Trilinears of the Bevan-Schröder point 10. Some synthetic conjectures about the Bevan-Schröder point 11. Poristically fixed points poristically fixed Fundamental Poristic Theorem. 12. A generalization of the Schröder and Bevan-Schröder points leading to the Darboux cubic Schoute point Longchamps-Schröder point 13. A generalization of the Schröder and Nagel-Schröder points and the Feuerbach hyperbola Droussent pivot
[Schroeder3] Incentral Triangle Question

Arts education

The Arts Education grant program is currently closed and will reopen for applications in late 2018. Essentiel Antwerp Knee Length Dresses Pink 2q4XATVNuF

Program description

The arts play a critical role in shaping students’ overall well-being and academic achievement. Promoting and supporting arts education is a cornerstone of the California Arts Council’s (CAC) mission. Since 1976, the CAC has supported in-school and after-school arts programs that engage local arts organizations, teaching artists and school communities through the Arts Education (formerly Artists in Schools) grant program. In 2017-18, there are four Arts Education grant opportunities:

In 2017-18, there are four Arts Education grant opportunities:

Arts Education - Extension: The Extension program supports arts education programs for PreK-12 students that operate after school and during the summer, on school sites, in artistic venues, and in community settings. The intention of this program is to offer young people sequential, hands-on training in artistic disciplines, including dance, literary arts, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.

Arts Education - Extension:

Arts Education - Exposure: The Exposure program supports attendance at performances and exhibitions for students who may have limited access to these experiences.

Arts Education - Exposure:

Arts Education - Artists in Schools: The Artists in Schools program supports projects that integrate community arts resources—local artists and non-profit arts organizations—into comprehensive, standards-based arts-learning for PreK-12 students during the school day. Applicants’ projects must take place during regular school hours at the school site, and should address the unique circumstances of the school environment.

Arts Education - Artists in Schools:

Arts Education - Professional Development: Awards of $2,500 will support nonprofit arts organizations and teaching artists to plan and deliver Professional Development (PD) in arts integration to educators and administrators. Professional Development projects should be designed to cultivate student learning in, through and/or about the arts. The Professional Development project can stand alone, or can be in conjunction with an Engagement project at the school.

Arts Education - Professional Development:
Eligibility Criteria

For arts organization without nonprofit status, but meeting all other requirements and using a fiscal sponsor: fiscal sponsors must have similar organizational goals and meet the same eligibility requirements above for arts organization applicants. Fiscal sponsor is responsible for meeting all fiscal and administrative obligations for the grant, and must enter into a formal agreement with arts organization on the management of grant funds and responsibilities associated with the completion of the project.

For more information about fiscal sponors, go to or .

Student Learning

Develop the artistic abilities and creativity of students, and promote life skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and positive self-expression through the arts.



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Active Fiber Monitoring (AFM) protects against data theft by detecting very small changes in the amount of light received on a fiber link, such as when intrusion is attempted. Link can then either be shut down automatically, or an operator can be alerted to manually intervene.
Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) increases network control with centralized management - enabling services such as backup, recovery and provisioning automatically. Firmware upgrades are automatic too and help to reducethe burden and cost of network administration.
Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) is a software Wi-Fi controller that optimizes the performance of wireless networks by analyzing wireless traffic patterns and automatically reconfiguring access points to meet demand.
Common Criteria
Common Criteria (CC) is an assessment designed to prove that the hardware and software attributes of a network device have been independently verified against an international standard.
Continuous Power over Ethernet (CPoE) guarantees uninterrupted power delivery to cameras and other sensors, even when the switch is rebooted. CPoE lets switches perform actions such as software upgrades without forcing the powered devices to power cycle.
Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing) is a protection system that prevents loops within Ethernet ring-based topologies. EPSR offers rapid detection and failover recovery rates of less than 50 milliseconds, a rate that is equivalent to that provided by circuit-switched equipment.
Run by the IPv6 Forum, the IPv6 Ready certification is intended to demonstrate conformance to IPv6 standards and validate interoperability of IPv6 products.
JITC is the US Department of Defense's (DoD) premier test and evaluation organization and has sole responsibility for certifying interoperability of all US DoD IT equipment.
The OpenFlow Conformance Certification is the highest level of assurance available to validate product conformance with a specific version of the OpenFlow specification.
Secure Enterprise SDN
Secure Enterprise SDN (SES) is a state of the art network threat detection tool, protecting networks from IoT-based threats with automatic threat detection and isolation.
Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack) is a protocol-free stacking technology that reduces configuration times, while delivering the resilience, performance and manageability that any growing network demands.
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